Version 4.20 Duplicate pupils


This message occurs if you have entered pupils twice in different year groups or have more than one pupil sharing the same UPN/ID number.  This was not a problem in earlier versions of eProfile as they never clashed, but in the new version where you can work with pupils across year groups this is an issue.

Please send us the latest backup you made before upgrading and we will sort it out for you.

If you cannot locate your latest backup then you will need to go directly to the database file itself.  This is normally found in

This folder may need to be made visible as on some systems it is set as hidden. Make viewable by opening My Computer, selecting Tools > Folder Options or
Organise > Folder and Search Options View options. 

This will bring up a dialog box.  Click on the View Tab and select Show Hidden files and folders

Attach the file eprofile.db (it may appear as eprofile) to an email to us.