Clearing eProfile and all pupil data from my computer

This section is recommended for action by Network/IT support people.  Please read the whole post before doing anything.

You may need , for instance, to clear a laptop that is being assigned to a new use or may wish to leave eProfile on the computer but remove the database or the link to it so that eProfile can then make a fresh start on that computer.

If you want to remove the data but keep eProfile:
Open eProfile and go to Administer > Total restart.  This function will help you remove the database and backups.  If they are in the standard work folder then you’ll be able to remove them.  If not (remember that you may be sharing a database and that others may be using it, so it would be unwise to delete it) then you will be told where the work folder is and then given the option to unlink this computer’s eProfile from that folder.

A quick check to tell you where the database is located is to open eProfile and go to Help > About eProfile.  If you can’t open eProfile then please see this post.

Close eProfile.

To uninstall eProfile: Start > Programs > Foundation Stage Profile > Uninstall Vx (whichever number x stands for)

To remove the database (if you haven’t been able to use the Total restart function): Open My Computer and locate the folder you noted earlier. If there is a file named DatafolderV4.txt then open that to reveal the actual (redirected) data folder that eProfile will use.  Delete all files within both folders.

Further information for Network/ICT Support

If you have had a variety of installations or network support then it may be useful to run a search on your computer for the file pattern eProfile*.db.  The search may take some time.