Setting up users

Access: Administrator level

eProfile allows you to set up levels of access for different users.  Each user has their own password that they can manage, and as administrator user you may add or delete users and reset passwords.

Only users with an Administrator role can set up other users.

There are five types (roles) of user, and these are largely hierarchic:

Administrator Overall control of users. Setting up school details.  Everything else (in the tasks outlined in this document where a certain level of access is required it is assumed that the administrator has access to these, too).
Coordinator Everything except admin roles. Privileges include amending pupil details and groups, setting up report preferences.
Teacher Assess pupils and enter comments.  View charts and printouts.
Reviewer View data and printouts; A user with this role has a view of assessments but not the right to amend them.
Office Import names via CTF at any time. Create a data return CTF in eProfile at end of year.

You can give any normal name to a user, such as Ms Poole, Smith, Class 1, Bugs … You may not need to use all the roles above.  You are strongly recommended to have a second sleeping partner admin user whose name and password are kept in the school safe and never used except in an emergency.

Each user will be assigned to one of the above roles and when they use eProfile they will only be able to do what their role permits.  All users can change their own passwords.