Selecting pupils

When eProfile starts you will be asked to select the group of pupils with which you want to work. If no pupils are present in eProfile then you will be presented with a main screen where the only options available relate to importing or inputting pupil details. The dialog box below is processed from left to right – select a year group or everyone up to year 1, then select a particular group, and finally pick out individual pupils.  You do not have to work through each of the three sections.  If you select a new cohort then everything to the right is reset.

You can work with pupils from mixed cohorts (assuming they exist in your data) by first selecting “All pupils up to year 1”.

If no pupils meet your selection criteria then you will be warned and can start again.  You would certainly end up with zero pupils in the display above if you select the Goldfinches (in the Birds group) and then try to select the Hawks, as no pupil can be in both subgroups.  You may, however, refine your selection by picking from any of the other groups, where you will find that the available subgroups displayed represent only the pupils currently under selection.

Remember that refining your selection can not make it grow larger (think “and” rather than “or”).

You will be required to reselect pupils if you have made changes to the database that relate to the selection criteria – deletions, additions, group changes, etc.

To re-select pupils look for the Select pupils button.

Selecting a cohort that is currently empty

If your intention is to import or input pupils into a currently empty cohort then select “All (to Year 1)” and import or add pupils form there.  eProfile will place the pupils into the correct cohort so that you will be able to select the cohort in future.

Year 1 Cohort

The Year 1 cohort contains all of last year’s Reception pupils and is intended for use with those pupils for whom all or part of the EYFS programme is still valid.  If you choose to use this information it is recommended that pupils still working within the EYFS programme are assigned to a group for easy selection and that the other pupils are not deleted.

When working with year 1 pupils the teacher should concentrate on developmental rather than final assessments.

Archived cohorts

eProfile does not support the continuing assessment of pupils beyond Year 1.  These cohorts are archived.

You may select a specific archived cohort and select any recorded groups/subgroups but your access to this data is restricted to viewing through the range of printouts, charts and spreadsheets.  You may also export the selected pupils’ complete data to a CSV file.  We do support the creation of a Common Transfer File due to the continually changing specifications for its format.

When you select a “current” cohort your user role will be restored.