Printouts, charts and spreadsheets

eProfile produces a wide range of information for teachers, parents and school leaders.  Some outputs are simply the data you put in out back out again in different ways, and some outputs are summaries distilled from the raw information.  These outputs are in the form of printouts and previews, charts (often with levers and buttons for varying the output) and spreadsheets.

There are two main types of information, pupil level (seeing the attainment of individual named pupils) and summary breakdowns (numbers or percentages of pupils at different age bands).

Understanding the outputs

Some of the eProfile’s developmental and summative outputs may be confusing at first.  Some list pupils and their assessments and some provide breakdowns or summaries.  By selecting pupils beforehand you can get useful information about different groups.

Frequent use will help you make sense of them and realise their potential (and limitations).


The stages of development within DM age bands are generally represented by
Brown – entering; Green – developing Blue – secure. Think underground, ground and sky.


Remember to hit the arrow to the right of the Printouts button for the drop down selection.

Printouts are first viewed onscreen, with an option to print or to save in PDF format.

Pupil list What it says
Pupil age-related outcomes Pupil per page showing age band and confidence against pupil age at end of month.
Aspect age-related outcomes As above but by aspect.
Detailed pupil outcomes One pupil per page breakdown of outcomes and history
Development comparisons This was the incorrectly named coverage printout, and it is superseded by the aspect age-related printout.
Development ladder Pupils displayed grouped within bands and sub-bands
Aspect outcomes Age bands attained by each pupil in each aspect
Current outcomes against age A table showing whether pupils are developing in line with their chronological age.
Stuck pupils Pupil per page showing outcomes and the number of months since they were made.


Final judgements printouts

EYFSP pupil outcomes A one page printout for parents listing outcomes.
EYFSP Characteristics of effective learning One pupil per page print of all recorded CEL information
EYFSP Outcomes Outcomes in a table
EYFSP Area outcomes As above, but showing the overall picture for an area.  An area outcome is its weakest aspect.  This is not an official printout, but for information only.
Quality Assurance A printout for each pupil for whom there may be QA issues relating to the final judgements, based on the information in the EYFSP ARA.


Pupil age related outcomes Age bands attained by pupils in each aspect.  This chart also shows the first assessment made in the year as a grey shadow so that a development comparison can be made.
Group outcomes Numbers/percentages of pupils in each age band
Group subband outcomes As above but broken down into sub-bands
Group expectation Numbers/percentages of pupils at or above their expected age band in the month selected
EYFSP Group attainment Breakdown of outcomes for each aspect
EYFSP Group attainment against expectation Breakdown showing pupils attaining expected or higher outcome in each aspect.

You can choose to have charts display numbers of pupils or percentages.  Use the % check box on the right of the toolbar.


These can only be produced if you have MS Excel installed on your computer

Pupil outcomes Age bands attained by pupils
Summary analysis Numbers and percentages of pupils attaining each age band; age-related outcomes
Development ladder As the printout but a sheet is produced for every aspect
Development matrix A rather large sheet that shows for each child their position at the first chosen month against their position at the second chosen month – one sheet per aspect.  You will need some expertise in Excel (e.g. fitting the sheet to a printed page) to handle this.
EYFSP Pupil outcomes Pupil outcomes on a single sheet
EYFSP Summary analysis Breakdown of EYFSP outcomes, including numbers and percentages at levels in aspects, areas, goals and GLD

Where appropriate the stage of development for an individual pupil is represented by colour.