Keeping your data secure

Securing access to your data
Your data is kept within the school and can therefore be made subject to internal security and backup processes. These are beyond the scope of our support.

We suggest that you manage users carefully and expect them to make password changes regularly.

An emergency administrator user
We also suggest that you have a sleeping administrator user and keep the name and password in the school safe. In eProfile go to Administer > Users.  Create a new administrator user.

Other users
We recommend that other users are not given administrator level access. A user on co-ordinator level access can do everything but add or delete users and a few other high level functions.  A teacher level user can enter, edit and view assessments, comments and printouts. For more detail: Setting up users

Change your password
All users can click on “About me” > Change my password.  You may consider requiring teachers to do this from time to time.  As administrator you can force this under Administer > Users by resetting the password and handing the user the temporary four digit password.

How to change a user name
Delete and recreate!  Log in as an administrator user. Go to Administer > Users and delete the user.  Create a new user with the name you want.  Hand the user the temporary four digit password.  You cannot delete the user you are currently logged in as.

Past users
You should also remove users who may now have left school. Go to Administer > Users and delete the user.