Error messages

If you are getting issues such as

  • Not an integer field
  • List index out of bounds
  • Range check error
  • Invalid pointer operation
  • access violation error
  • lost data

then we recommend firstly that you close eProfile, try again, and if the issue persists restore the most recent backup.

Issues can arise if data has been imported with imprecise details, or the hard disk on the computer has blipped, or the RAM has been affected by other software – this is why eProfile prompts you for a backup to be made every time you close eProfile standard.

A list index out of bounds error is caused when eProfile fails to pick an item in a list that isn’t actually there, usually due to something in the data being corrupted.

A range check error occurs when eProfile is trying to pick up something that’s outside the range, e.g. pupil number zero or eleven in a list of ten.  The reason for this happening is usually due to some odd data getting into the system, or a faulty data import.  If the problem starts up after importing names then check the names!

An access violation error occurs when two or more processes are trying to grab hold of the same chunk of computer memory, probably because a program has illegally stepped outside its allotted space.  Some printer drivers have been known to cause this problem.

• Ensure that the latest service packs are installed for your operating system
• A registry cleaner can help to clear out junk from your computer. Consult your technical support.
• Check that there is nothing unusual installed on your computer that may be causing a conflict. Consult your technical support.

“The database lost all my work!”

Just in case you feel that the database has evil thoughts or malign intentions – the database lives for the moment.  It only knows what’s in its storage now.  It keeps no diary of what might have been there in the past.  It has no brain to know what you did yesterday and remove exactly those items.  You need to keep backups.

eProfile is not disposed to malevolence. It is not programmed to think like that.  The vast majority of bugs in the software were dealt with long ago, though you may be the one who discovers a new one.

It is always a good idea to check that the work you entered has been written to the database by simply running through a few assessment screens before you close to see that it’s there.