Development ladder and development matrix

The development ladder printout (select an aspect) and spreadsheet (every aspect, one to a sheet) places pupils by name in a box that represents their current level.

devladd2 devladd1

The development matrix spreadsheet shows individual pupil development from a selected starting point to a selected ending point.

Because the DM age bands are different in scope/size and because sub-bands are not universally moderated and open to teacher interpretation there is no value in grouping this information as it becomes meaningless.

The starting point is represented by the rows and the ending point by the columns.  Each pupil’s name appears once, in the cell that matches to the starting and ending points.  In the example below Buena and Marcellina were 22-36 secure in Oct 13 (the row) and 30-50 developing by Jul 14 (those selected dates are shown top left).  Susan and Glouicen (I don’t know, either – random names!) started at the same level but were found to be 30-50 secure by Jul 14.  The yellow cells represent a point of no development.  A pupil appearing in any of these stayed at the same level between  the two months selected.