Where is the database stored?

eProfile’s database is a single file eProfile.db.  It is stored in a folder along with backup files you have made (these include the date in their file names, e.g. eProfile_20180229.db). 

Open the V4 Restore your work programme (Start > Programs > Foundation Stage Profile > V4 restore your work). It will display the location of the database.  Make a note and close the program.

The work folder defaults to:

XP (It’s time you upgraded!) :
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FSP\Version4
Vista and Windows 7+ : C:\ProgramData\FSP\Version4

NB The work folder may need to be made visible as on some systems it is set as hidden. Make viewable by opening My Computer, selecting Tools > Folder Options or
Organise > Folder and Search Options > View options. 

This will bring up a dialogue box.  Click on the View Tab and select Show Hidden files and folders.

(If you used the V5 local viewer (cream coloured icon) that came out last year as a view-only copy of eProfile for local data then the data folder for that is

If there is only a file datafolderv4.txt in this folder then open it  –  this text file contains the location of an alternative work folder that was selected when the software was first run.

If you want to move the database to a shared drive then you can do the following:

  1. Create a folder on a shared drive. Ensure all users have full access to it.
  2. Move all files in the current work folder to the new folder.
  3. Create a text file named datafolderv4.txt in the (now empty) current folder and edit it so that it contains the name of the folder where the database may now be found.
  4. Test it out by opening eProfile and logging in. On the main screen you should see the new data folder listed.
  5. Copy the text file to the “current” folder (which you may need to create first) on every user’s computer. Clear any other data files that may be present.