Data submission at the end of EYFS

Access: headteacher, office, admin

It is important that users follow the instructions provided by their LA data team prior to starting this process. Each local authority has a preferred method of data submission to ensure compatibility with other local systems and processes. It is important that users are aware of this so that the process can run smoothly.

Where practitioners have compiled their assessment record during the reception year, but the data submission process will be undertaken by a different member of school staff, it is recommended that a joint checking process is implemented so that data submission is accurate and trouble free.

PVIs and independents will need to ensure that a valid school number has been agreed with their LA.

Ensure that

  • all pupils have correct details, including valid UPNs
  • all final judgements have been entered for all aspects
  • postcodes have been recorded, unless the data submission goes back through your MIS, which will add this information for you.
  • all assessments are seen, checked and agreed by the headteacher

Select LA return or MIS return as appropriate.  eProfile will run a set of checks on the data to ensure that everything is complete.  If it is, then a file will be produced for you.

If your LA asks for the CSV file then click on the CSV export button to produce it