A child does not display development from last year into this

If a child does not move from the June/July point to a new one at the start of the new term, and this is possible, then there is no development to record and you simply leave the assessment as it is.  Children who do not move do not move, and while this can be a problem for those who follow the practice of making assessments at fixed points during the year only, such practice may also lose the finer detail of pupil development in intervening months.

While some teachers may worry that they are “seen” not to have made an assessment the act of deleting June and changing it to Sept/Oct destroys the information that the pupil was at that point in June/July.  For those who worry there is space in the general comments section to record that there was no change in a particular aspect.

If the last assessment last year seems to be out of kilter with your assessment this term it is possible to clear previous assessments in the assessments screen.

A later release will also provide a feature where past assessments may be back-filled into eProfile.