Quick entry of assessments

In the old eProfile I could run down a list of pupils and quickly record their assessments.  Can I do it in the new? Yes.

The old eProfile had 117 scale points that were easy to turn on or off in bulk.  The new profile is different.  For each aspect there are age bands and these age bands each have three teacher-judged developmental stages assessed on a range of statements.  As eProfile maintains a sense of development through the age bands not all “points” can necessarily be block-filled in the same way as the old eProfile.

A number of suggestions to provide a quick data entry screen have all worked out in practical realisation to be no more time-saving than using the original screen.

We have created a method for version 4.02 late March.  A new button “Quick Assessments” has been created.  Under this you are able to select an aspect and all pupils are listed with information about their current development point and a box to tick.  You have the opportunity to select individual children or all of them.  Another button allows you to move the selected children on by one sub-band, e.g. from Entering 30-50 to Developing in 30-50, or Secure 30-50 to Entering 40-60, as appropriate for each selected pupil.

Only those pupils with an assessment and who are not already secure 40-60 may be selected.  There is no “reverse” button, so make a backup before using this facility.