Access: Coordinator

This allows you to

  • Enter back data for new pupils
  • Amend assessments without having to roll back to the particular item
  • Quickly fill in current assessments

The grid displays all steps from entering 0-11 up to ELG. Once you have selected a pupil and a date any cell in the grid that you click will pick up that date as long as it is not out of sequence with assessments already entered. You cannot, for instance, place a pupil at 30-50 entering in April of last year if the pupil was already 30-50 developing in, say January of last year.  In cases like that clicking on a cell will do nothing.

If the placement is valid then it will appear in the grid and will be visible as a past assessment in the main assessment screen.

Clicking on a cell with an assessment will remove that assessment.  This allows the school to clear any assessments made in previous years if they are considered inaccurate or unsafe.

The professional implications of adjusting the assessments of a previous teacher or school should be carefully considered before embarking on this process, and it should only be carried out in consultation with at least another member of staff and involve at least one senior member of staff.   The action should be noted, justified, recorded and signed for future reference.