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Entering assessments

Access: Teacher

eProfile breaks the DM age bands into three parts, namely entering, developing and secure. Final judgements against Early Learning Goals for Reception pupils are made around June for collection by your LA if you are required to do this. Continue reading

Editing pupil details

Access: Coordinator

Pupil names may be entered manually, but this is not recommended because of inaccuracies. You should always import names from a CTF where possible, or from a CSV file created from your central pupil list. Continue reading

Creating and working with groups of pupils

Access: Coordinator level

eProfile offers up to eight groups or categories by which you can select pupils.  These categories could be the registration class, pupil premium status, EAL, term of birth, term of entry, etc.  In the example above there are four groups – Birds (names of classes), EAL, Maths and Premium.  Pupils have been placed into maths groups named after famous mathematicians. Continue reading

Data submission at the end of EYFS

Access: headteacher, office, admin

It is important that users follow the instructions provided by their LA data team prior to starting this process. Each local authority has a preferred method of data submission to ensure compatibility with other local systems and processes. It is important that users are aware of this so that the process can run smoothly. Continue reading

Entry profiles

Getting the picture as pupils arrive

If all of your pupils arrive in September then any printout that looks at pupil or group development as of September would also constitute part of an “entry profile”.  However, at some point during the year a pupil may leave and another join, and the September picture is now no longer valid as an entry profile.  Keeping a leaver on roll will skew later developmental analyses because the record is stuck; viewing the September picture later in the year when a pupil has joined since September will also present a false view. Continue reading