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How do you create a dynamic and valid on entry profile?

Entry profiles

Getting the picture as pupils arrive

NB Entry profiling applies to each aspect separately and all following discussion assumes that 17 separate calculations are made so that each aspect is covered .  It is not possible to merge aspects into areas mechanically as there is no such thing as an average nor will taking the weakest aspect in an area as the overall outcome necessarily give a fair picture. Continue reading

A child does not display development from last year into this

If a child does not move from the June/July point to a new one at the start of the new term, and this is possible, then there is no development to record and you simply leave the assessment as it is.  Children who do not move do not move, and while this can be a problem for those who follow the practice of making assessments at fixed points during the year only, such practice may also lose the finer detail of pupil development in intervening months. Continue reading

Producing reports for parents

Access: setting up preferences – Coordinator; running reports – Teacher

Reports can be produced at any time, and will reflect the comments you have added to each pupil, and their current stage of development or the final judgement if that has been recorded.

A report to parents picks up your comments recorded under the formative and summative tabs, as well as the area comments (all located on the assessments screen); and the last page comments under report preferences. Continue reading