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Error messages

If you are getting issues such as

  • Not an integer field
  • List index out of bounds
  • Range check error
  • Invalid pointer operation
  • access violation error
  • lost data

then we recommend firstly that you close eProfile, try again, and if the issue persists restore the most recent backup.

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Getting started with eProfile

Installing eProfile

Download and install the latest version (v4.22) from the front page of the website.

You may need computer administrator access in order to do this.  Consult your systems administrator.

Starting for the first time

You will have downloaded and installed the latest version of eProfile to each computer that you have planned to install it to. Keep a list of all installations so that you can quickly install updates when these become available.

Setting up users

There are a number of levels of access to eProfile.  Administrator level gives access to all features in eProfile.  This should be reserved to one or two users.  Other levels give suitable access for the EY/FS lead, teachers and the headteacher.

Version 4.20 Duplicate pupils


This message occurs if you have entered pupils twice in different year groups or have more than one pupil sharing the same UPN/ID number.  This was not a problem in earlier versions of eProfile as they never clashed, but in the new version where you can work with pupils across year groups this is an issue. Continue reading