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Keeping your data secure

Securing access to your data
Your data is kept within the school and can therefore be made subject to internal security and backup processes. These are beyond the scope of our support.

We suggest that you manage users carefully and expect them to make password changes regularly. Continue reading

Selecting pupils

When eProfile starts you will be asked to select the group of pupils with which you want to work. If no pupils are present in eProfile then you will be presented with a main screen where the only options available relate to importing or inputting pupil details. Continue reading

Creating and working with groups of pupils

Access: Coordinator level

eProfile offers up to eight groups or categories by which you can select pupils.  These categories could be the registration class, pupil premium status, EAL, term of birth, term of entry, etc.  In the example above there are four groups – Birds (names of classes), EAL, Maths and Premium.  Pupils have been placed into maths groups named after famous mathematicians. Continue reading

Setting up users

Access: Administrator level

eProfile allows you to set up levels of access for different users.  Each user has their own password that they can manage, and as administrator user you may add or delete users and reset passwords.

Only users with an Administrator role can set up other users.

There are five types (roles) of user, and these are largely hierarchic: Continue reading

Getting started with eProfile

Installing eProfile

Download and install the latest version (v4.22) from the front page of the website.

You may need computer administrator access in order to do this.  Consult your systems administrator.

Starting for the first time

You will have downloaded and installed the latest version of eProfile to each computer that you have planned to install it to. Keep a list of all installations so that you can quickly install updates when these become available.

Setting up users

There are a number of levels of access to eProfile.  Administrator level gives access to all features in eProfile.  This should be reserved to one or two users.  Other levels give suitable access for the EY/FS lead, teachers and the headteacher.