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Entry profiles

Getting the picture as pupils arrive

If all of your pupils arrive in September then any printout that looks at pupil or group development as of September would also constitute part of an “entry profile”.  However, at some point during the year a pupil may leave and another join, and the September picture is now no longer valid as an entry profile.  Keeping a leaver on roll will skew later developmental analyses because the record is stuck; viewing the September picture later in the year when a pupil has joined since September will also present a false view. Continue reading

Interpreting and analysing eProfile outcomes

Analysing your data

The purpose of the graphs and charts within eProfile is to enable the study of the assessment picture for individual and groups of children. Always bear in mind the principles by which assessment judgements are made, as this will have an impact upon the pattern of outcomes. The assessment process should be clearly understood by all users of the information contained in the graphs and charts available within eProfile. Continue reading

Introducing eProfile

What does eProfile do?

eProfile has been designed to make it easy for practitioners, teachers and other professionals to track the development of children aged 0-5 against the criteria laid down in Development Matters, giving them and leaders valuable pupil, group and cohort level analysis. It provides useful information to support transition and enables year 1 teachers to plan an effective, responsive and appropriate curriculum that will meet all children’s needs and next learning steps. Continue reading