Keeping your data secure

Securing access to your data
Your data is kept within the school and can therefore be made subject to internal security and backup processes. These are beyond the scope of our support.

We suggest that you manage users carefully and expect them to make password changes regularly. Continue reading

Selecting pupils

When eProfile starts you will be asked to select the group of pupils with which you want to work. If no pupils are present in eProfile then you will be presented with a main screen where the only options available relate to importing or inputting pupil details. Continue reading

Printouts, charts and spreadsheets

eProfile produces a wide range of information for teachers, parents and school leaders.  Some outputs are simply the data you put in out back out again in different ways, and some outputs are summaries distilled from the raw information.  These outputs are in the form of printouts and previews, charts (often with levers and buttons for varying the output) and spreadsheets.

There are two main types of information, pupil level (seeing the attainment of individual named pupils) and summary breakdowns (numbers or percentages of pupils at different age bands). Continue reading