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Charting Early Years pupil development

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Tracking early years development 0-5

Tracking development for teachers and practitioners, leaders and headteachers.

eProfile has developed over many years to meet the needs of teachers and practitioners for informative and effective tracking of pupils and groups.  Many features come from teacher input.

What users think of eProfile

Version 4.22 Free September 2017

This software is for existing users of eProfile Cloud only. This version overwrites any previous dated version 4.22. It contains the desktop software and necessary utilities. The software runs under MS Windows.

Version 4.22 free.  File name is fspfree422.exe

In order to download your Cloud data please download:

Data Downloader.  File name is fspfreedownload.exe

This utility installs a blue icon and green icon downloader.  Use the one that matches your version of eProfile Cloud.  The downloader will pull down your data (all pupils, users and preferences).  You will log in with your eProfile Cloud details (you must be an administrator user).  This utility will not work after September 2017 as the online data will be cleared.

Latest News

Sept 2017

Langskip Ltd has released eProfile as licence-free software.  This will work in local mode only. Please download version 4.22 Free (see below). The online version will cease operation after September 2017. We have released a download facility that will allow you to pick up your online data as a local backup for the new version 4.22 Free.

Langskip will cease trading at the end of December. Our email address will still be in operation. and we will be able to support data download up to that point.

For ongoing support we will offer a low-cost fixed-fee solution.


Please read the various postings on our WordPress page. We will offer some help via email up to the end of December 2017 - enquiries@eprofile.org.uk - please note that an answer may not come back the same day.

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