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Schools, PVIs, Nurseries, Playgroups, Children’s centres, Referral units, LA targeted children

eProfile is designed to help teachers, practitioners and LA staff record and track pupil development through the new Foundation Stage framework form 0 to 5, using Development Matters indicators, and to produce the Final Judgements Data Collection return. It runs under Microsoft Windows.

Ofsted subsidiary guidance and professional practice

eProfile meets Ofsted’s guidelines in providing support for teachers to

And we do not create “hundreds of assessments” as some software providers do, breaking up holistic pictures into numerous tick boxes.  eProfile lets teachers make professional judgements.

Reports, printouts, charts, spreadsheets

For practitioners and school leaders to track and analyse pupil and group development. A parental report facility.

Standalone, or shared data with controlled access

eProfile can run as a stand alone module or with users sharing a database across the school network. A range of user levels is included, and the admin user (set up by default) can create other users with different levels of access for shared network use.

Local Authority interest

We have been working with some LAs to help manage the tracking and monitoring of targeted children in children’s centres and nurseries. Please get in touch if you would more information.

What users think of eProfile

We love how responsive eProfile developers are. It’s good to know that the product is being updated and that our feedback is being used.

Being able to add comments either for or not for reporting is great.

Being able to group children by academic year is helping us to think about very young children and the effects of DoB on future provision.

We like the month by month assessment increments.

The range of graphs, charts and spreadsheets is excellent and these have proved useful in Ofsted inspections for demonstrating baseline to current date progress.

It's helping us more quickly to identify children needing additional support.

A versatile, effective and easily accessible tool to support the tracking and monitoring of children in the EYFS. The facility has enabled us to easily group the children and identify strengths and areas for development. Much hard work has taken place across the year to develop the original programme and we now feel it does all we need it to do.

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30 April- CEL statements not saving

If you find that your CEL statements do not save then please follow this simple workaround.  After selecting the first pupil also select an aspect.  Test by writing a little, moving to a new pupil and moving back again.  This is corrected in the latest development release.

5 April 2014 - eProfile Cloud
Our latest version is available to trial.  eProfile Cloud has the same look and feel as standard eProfile but your data is securely held on a cloud database instead of on a laptop or on the school network.

We supply an upload utility for your data. You will obviously need to have a reliable internet connection.

Please click here to register your interest.  You'll need the school number that appears on the top frame bar in eProfile just before your school name.


These are emailed out to all mail list subscribers and registered schools.  If you did not receive then you may have given us a faulty email address or your email system is overcautious and blocking our emails.  Introduce enquiries@eprofile.org.uk as a friend to your email system.


We are happy to include links to organisations that offer eProfile training and support.  Please email us if you wish to be added to our list of training providers.

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