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Charting Early Years pupil development

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Track early years development 0-5 using cloud-based data

Tracking development for teachers and practitioners, …

eProfile has developed over many years to meet the needs of teachers and practitioners for informative and effective tracking of pupils and groups.  Many features come from teacher input.

… schools, PVIs, Nurseries, Playgroups, Children’s centres, Referral units, LA targeted children, …

eProfile is a low-cost effective tool that can be used in any establishment where the development of children 0-5 needs to be tracked.

Reports, printouts, charts, spreadsheets

For easy and informative analysis for teachers and school leaders to track and analyse pupil and group development. eProfile also has a parents/carers report facility.

Local Authority interest

We have been working with LAs to help manage the tracking and monitoring of targeted children in children’s centres and nurseries. Please get in touch if you would more information.

Latest News

Jan 7 2017

We’ve amended a bug in the new HTTP release where a timeout occurs when no records are found (fresh start, checking users, names before adding them).  Please download and install.  Both versions have had a couple of modest updates.

Jan 1 2017

An alternative version of eProfile Cloud has been released.  Some users of eProfile Cloud have experienced difficulties with the SSL-secured connection to the database.

We have a version that will connect to the database using normal HTTP (not HTTPS) but with data encrypted both to and from the server.  See the download page for more details.

What users think of eProfile

eProfile Cloud

From September 2016 eProfile Cloud only will be available at the lower price. The cloud platform has been upgraded to a secure UK base.  It runs from software installed on a user’s computer. A single site licence covers all school staff in school or at home. An Internet connection is required. No data is left on any computer.

All users in your school will see the same data. We keep regular backups so that if you get in a muddle we can restore data back for you.

Previous eProfile V4 standard users.

The software download includes a data transfer utility that will enable you to upload your local data.

Security measures. We shall require some changes to common names and simple passwords as data is now no longer within a school base. As ever, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping an administrator login name and password (a “sleeping partner”) in the school safe and with your IT support group.

Tech info

Connecting to the cloud platform

Free LA use

Any local authority body (advisory team, children’s services, early years, etc) wishing to trial eProfile or use it for support, training or demonstration may do so without charge.  Please fill in your details on the application form on the download page. Use your three digit LA number, and 9999 for the school number and an official email address.  The school name will be your LA name.

Help for schools and settings

Schools acquiring or purchasing eProfile through their LA or IT support providers can seek help from the named contact. Any non-trivial query will be passed on to eProfile.org.uk for help.


We are able to run training courses and sessions for individual schools, groups of schools.  Please email us with your requirements or queries.

Trial eProfile

We allow 40 days free use once you register. This will be extended to the end of the school year on receipt of payment. .