EProfile/fsTrack - charting Early Years pupil development

Track early years development 0-5 using local or cloud-based data

Tracking development for teachers and practitioners, …

eProfile has developed over many years to meet the needs of teachers and practitioners for informative and effective tracking of pupils and groups.  Many features come from ideas that come directly from teachers.

… schools, PVIs, Nurseries, Playgroups, Children’s centres, Referral units, LA targeted children, …

eProfile is a low-cost effective tool that can be used in any establishment where the development of children 0-5 needs to be tracked.

Cloud, standalone, or shared data with controlled access

eProfile comes in two installable editions, one that holds its data on the computer or school network and the new cloud edition that holds data in the cloud.

Reports, printouts, charts, spreadsheets

For easy and informative analysis for teachers and school leaders to track and analyse pupil and group development. eProfile also has a parents/carers report facility.

Local Authority interest

We have been working with LAs to help manage the tracking and monitoring of targeted children in children’s centres and nurseries. Please get in touch if you would more information.

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Sept 1

We have developed our web-based version of what we now call fsTrack (the Profile is fading fast!) - It looks lovely, but there are some issues with hosting it in the real world - we’re working on it.

For now, we’ll offer an update to your current eProfile standard/cloud that will work without nagging you for a licence code until Jan 1, so you don’t have to get in touch until later this term.  We’ll add the EExBA import shortly and issue that.  Watch our for our tweets.

If you’re new to eProfile you can download and trial using your own data for this period or download a ready-made dataset

July 1 - From Sept 2015

For the 2015-2016 school year we plan to make some changes:

eProfile Cloud will be transferred to eProfile online, which will be secure browser-based and will not require software installation or updates.  This will provide the same facilities as eProfile Cloud.

We will support EExBA Baseline assessments.

We are looking to phase out eProfile standard in favour of eProfile online, with a view to providing the means to upload your eProfile standard data for a totally online environment.  Please let us know if eProfile standard has advantages that you’d not want to lose compared to an online version.

The licence fee will not be more than it was last year.

Please email us if you would like to try out the online version.

Jun 12

“I have submitted our eProfile return to the LA, but they are saying that the academic year is not on the transferred file so they cant accept it.”

Please go to download page

Important release 7

Please go to download page

eProfile editions

Both standard and cloud editions run from software installed on a user’s computer.  A single site licence covers all school staff in school or at home.

eProfile Standard

Our standard edition can be configured to hold its data on the user’s computer or on the school network, where teachers can share the data.

eProfile Cloud

Your data is stored in a secure cloud location with encryption.  Advantages are that data is accessible from anywhere, given an internet connection.  No data is left on any computer.

What users think of eProfile

We love how responsive eProfile developers are. It’s good to know that our feedback is being used.

Being able to add comments either for or not for reporting is great.

Being able to group children by academic year is helping us to think about very young children and the effects of DoB on future provision.

We like the month by month assessment increments.

The range of graphs, charts and spreadsheets is excellent and these have proved useful in Ofsted inspections for demonstrating baseline to current date progress.

It's helping us more quickly to identify children needing additional support.

A versatile, effective and easily accessible tool to support the tracking and monitoring of children in the EYFS. The facility has enabled us to easily group the children and identify strengths and areas for development. Much hard work has taken place across the year to develop the original programme and we now feel it does all we need it to do.